Securing Home Loan

There are collateral requested from the customer by banks when applying for mortgage loans. They may vary from institution to institution but, however, almost all of them only provide secured property loans. Have you heard of this type of loan? Do you know how to make a secured home loan in Portugal? Or how to compare different offers? Keep reading as this article gives you all the answers you need.


What is a secured home loan?

What is a secured home loan?

A secured property loan is a type of mortgage credit in which the borrower places a property as collateral.

The financial institution asks you to place the housing you are buying as collateral, and it will be mortgaged to the bank until the term of the loan expires. This is a way for the creditor institution to safeguard itself by reserving the right to keep the mortgaged property in the event of default by the debtor. The same is true for loans for the purchase of land for construction or for home work.

However, the collateral may be assigned to a property other than the mortgage loan. The only condition is that this is free of charge or other mortgages.

Imagine that you already have a house in which you live and want to buy a second home for vacation, in which case you can mortgage the second home in your current residence. However, the financial institution will always have to evaluate the housing that it intends to leave as collateral to understand whether the value of the housing covers all or only partially the value of the property it is purchasing.


How to make a home equity loan in Portugal?

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To make a loan with a property guarantee in Portugal the financial institution requires the presentation of the documentation provided for it and duly signed, respecting the established requirements.

Although documents may vary from bank to bank, the requested documents are usually as follows:

# 1 – Review and Approval

  • Identification document (from all holders): Citizen Card;
  • Last IRS Declaration and respective Settlement Note;
  • Declaration of contractual bond (issued by the employer);
  • Past due receipts for the last three months or green receipts for the last six months (whichever is applicable);
  • Bank statements from the last three months;
  • Proof of IBAN.

# 2 – House Rating

  • Building Passbook;
  • Content Certificate;
  • Property plan

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After submitting the proposal, the bank may take up to a few weeks to review the request and perform a risk analysis on its profile, advising its solvency, among other things, in order to decide whether it meets the requirements at the analysis level. risk to make a home equity loan. If the credit application is approved, a contract is signed between both parties to formalize the loan.


How to choose a mortgage?

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All financial institutions are required by law to provide mortgage credit information available on the European Standardized Information Sheet (FINE). To make the appropriate comparisons you must ensure that all bids have the same deadline, amount and LTV, as well as the same rate type (variable or fixed). Only in this way will you then be able to gauge which proposals are most advantageous by looking at the APR and MTIC.

According to European law, the financial entity is required to give the customer a minimum of seven days to advise the terms of the collateralised loan for which they are interested in contracting. During this period of reflection you may give up the offer.

Before deciding which bank to take out a secured loan it is important to make a comparison based on the conditions that each institution offers. Do not forget that this is a heavy commitment in your life and should therefore be very well considered.

Is it possible to apply for a 100% loan online?

With all the technological evolution and digitalization of many processes, nowadays financial institutions are also moving towards the digital universe. Did you know you can now apply for a 100% loan online without leaving the couch? Get to know which institutions own this product.


Meet the case of Carolita, an independent worker

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Carolita, a 33-year-old, studied Fashion Design, but had a long time between precarious work and unpaid internships.

About three years ago, she decided to combine her academic knowledge with her personal interests – fashion, make-up and fitness – to embark on the digital world and become an independent worker.

She is currently an influencer, sharing content related to these themes through various social networks – Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – and participating in events sponsored by brands in these branches. It is through sponsorship that you earn income to support the normal expenses of a girl your age.

However, you now feel the need to invest in your career. In addition to needing a higher quality camcorder than you currently own, you also want to take a Social Network Management course to create even more relevant content and reach more.

Since the camcorder is priced at $ 700 and the desired course costs $ 2,300, the total amount to be funded is $ 3,000.


100% Online Loan: What is the Market Offer?

100% Online Loan

So Carolita did market research to find a loan 100% online and without having to change banks: convenient and quick to apply, no need to go to an agency and no paper documents to the financial institution – It’s all done over the Internet.

Currently, the only financial institutions that assume to offer a 100% online loan are Puzzle and Credit, allowing consumers to borrow without having to travel or submit paper documentation.

Carolita then decided to compare the offers of these entities. However, 7-Oney and United Savers Bank were not considered because the minimum amount of funding required is, respectively, 4 thousand dollars and 5 thousand dollars.


Personal credit from 3,000 dollars to 18 months

Personal credit from 3,000 dollars to 18 months

Carolita opted for financing Puzzle, not because it is the cheapest, but for the convenience of not having to go anywhere to get the desired amount. In addition, another advantage of this 100% online loan is that, even if you are a self-employed woman, you can apply for and get your credit approved.

The young woman will then pay a monthly installment of 183.75 dollars, which will not have the greatest impact on her monthly budget and will not weigh heavily on her effort rate, which is thus at 15.3%.

Although Carolita has a preference for non-customer institutions, the truth is that many banks offer a 100% online loan to those who are already customers. In this case, the process becomes even simpler, as no documentation is required – for example, Sanbuwan or Millenial Savers Bank.

If, like this young influencer, you need funding, compare the market and find the 100% online loan that best suits your needs. Like Carolita, you should not only look at MTIC and the monthly installment to pay, but also understand what your effort rate will be and understand the benefits of one credit over another.

How much does a personal trainer cost and is it worth it? loans with a guarantor of up to 25,000 dollars

A qualified personal trainer can be a great help when working on your figure. Regardless of whether you want to get rid of fat, shape your body or build an impressive muscle mass. Therefore, more and more people are choosing to use such a service. How much does it cost to hire a personal trainer and is it worth deciding to help him?


How much is a personal trainer in Poland?

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You do not need to have any qualifications or courses to practice this profession in our country. Of course, professional trainers care about their references, and through social media show the effects of work on their clients. The price of a good trainer is around $ 80-100 per hour of training.

The average depends on the province in which we live. The cheapest ads start from just 20 dollars, but often they are people who do not have the proper knowledge and experience. In turn, for the most reputable trainers with an established brand, we will pay over $ 200 for one hour of joint training.


What does working with a personal trainer look like?

What does working with a personal trainer look like?

You don’t need continuous work under the watchful eye of a trainer to get your dream results. During several joint trainings, a qualified specialist shows us how to properly perform exercises and how to train to take care of selected body parts. A good personal trainer also suggests the issue of proper supplementation and diet.

Its main purpose is to adapt the training plan to the individual conditions of the client’s body. After several joint trainings, we can practice independently and from time to time control to train under the guidance of a trainer.


Is it worth using the services of personal trainers?

Is it worth using the services of personal trainers?

Professional support can be invaluable when working on your body. The selection of a qualified trainer is a decisive factor. It is worth following the opinions of other clients and looking for trainers who confirm their skills through social media.

The price is also an important factor. If you care about the quality of training, you should look for a trainer with references who charges fees similar to the average in our province.

Loan with bad credit history

People may come across the need for a cash loan at any time, at any time of the day – when all the money they have earned and accumulated has run out, and there is a situation where you need to make a major payment or purchase. What to do in such a situation – when there is still time to wait for payday, but money is urgently needed?


One of the options where to get a cash loan

One of the options where to get a cash loan

With fast credit companies. These credit companies are numerous in number, meaning there is a choice. But, is it possible for people with bad credit history to get a cash loan?

People with bad credit history find it much harder to get cash loans and leasing goods than a person with good credit history. This is logical and no unnecessary questions arise, but what if you need urgent help – fast credit? Anyone who does not try will never know if they can be granted aid.

This means that even people with a bad credit history have a real chance of getting a quick credit. Whether or not a cash loan will go to them will be up to the lender, or the selected fast credit company.

If you have a bad credit history – but you have no outstanding debt and payments – you can also apply for one of the quick loans online. Borrowing is easy – no formalities, references or other documents are required.

Fast loans are offered by a large number of credit companies, but most of these lenders want to accept only a positive credit history among their clients. Choose NiceSMS CREDIT Fast Credit Company – if you have all your debts eliminated, only a bad credit history is left of your negative credit experience.

NiceSMS CREDIT fast loan with bad credit history – only if you have done everything you can to improve your situation, first of all you have eliminated late payments and your income is enough – they will be able to repay the loan.


NiceSMS CREDIT gives you your first credit for free

credit loan

As much as you borrow, you will pay back! You can borrow for free from 5 to 200 dollars. NiceSMS credit offers a bigger loan when the first loan is successfully repaid – when the repayment has been made without any irregularities.

You can borrow for up to 30 days . Borrow today, get your first loan, and return the money to the credit company within 30 days. If you are unable to make a refund within 30 days, you will be offered the opportunity to postpone it. You can postpone payment an unlimited number of times, but beware, this feature is a paid service that will make your wallet empty.

Even if you have eliminated all payments, a bad credit history will remain bad. Its position does not change with the payment of the last debt, as the warning will remain for a long time – up to 10 years.


You may get the credit

You may get the credit

The amount of money you need will be at your disposal in just 15 minutes , but there may also be cases where the credit company requires additional security for the loan, such as a mortgage or higher interest payments. To find out more, apply for a loan and wait for the company decision. Borrow with Responsibility!

You can find a wider range of credit companies in the Snowball Credit Comparison Chart . Compare Top Lender Services And Make Your Choice – Borrow Wisely!

Apply for a loan

Whether for a new home, for the purchase of a new computer or to finance a trip around the world, there are many reasons for a loan. He quickly provides for wish fulfillment when equity is missing. Today it is easy to get a loan. The Internet has opened the market and who wants to apply for a loan, uses for the online offers.

Who can apply for a loan?

Who can apply for a loan?

Anyone with a regular income can apply for a loan. The monthly entries should be made from a dependent job. Freelancers and the self-employed have different lending policies. Not every bank is ready for a loan for this professional group.

The income also plays a role. The minimum income should be around 1,100 euros net. If the applicant does not earn so much, a spouse with a regular income can also be included in the loan agreement. In addition, every bank checks whether there is enough money left to live if all costs have been deducted from income in the months. This also applies to the monthly installment payment to the bank.

However, the best income does not benefit if the credit rating is insufficient. Bad badges make it hard to apply for a loan. Then only a loan from abroad can help.

Where can I apply for a loan?

Where can I apply for a loan?

For many consumers, the house bank is the first port of call. In addition, there are other branch banks to which the interested parties can turn. Particularly attractive are the offers of online banks. But because there are a lot of them on the internet, a loan calculator should be consulted. This is free of costs and provides independent results.

Particularly with the on-line financial institutes there is a large saving potential, because they offer better conditions, than the branch banks. Especially with the interest rates there are serious differences to the branch banks. In addition to lower interest rates, online banks also offer far better conditions. Free special repayments are possible with most online banks as well as installment breaks.

Most retail banks want to see a loan secured. For this purpose, they wish the customer to take out a residual debt insurance. This is not always useful, especially if the loan amount is low. There are plenty of banks on the Internet that do without this practice.

Loans from private

Loans from private

Private loans are becoming increasingly popular. Not the banks are in the background here, but private people offer loans. Interesting are these portals for self-employed and freelancers, who are not welcome at the banks. This professional group has a real chance of a loan commitment here.

But even the average consumer can try his luck here. In the past, many loans have already been pledged in this way. Even with a negative Schufa there is hope for a loan, if the entry is not serious. However, this increases the interest rates, because on these portals they are calculated by credit rating.


Everyone has the chance of a loan. Only through a direct comparison does the user find the right bank with the best conditions. The Internet is clearly ahead of the game. The house bank is therefore no longer the first choice.

Cheap Loans for Retirees

Cheap loans for retirees are not easily possible for each pensioner. The older generation has to struggle with two different problems when lending. On the one hand, the pension is often so low that it is insufficient as repayment security. The second problem is related to the age. Almost all banks only lend to people who are 70 years or younger.

Cheap loans for retirees – that’s easy

Cheap loans for retirees - that

Young fit retirees still find it easy to find cheap loans for retirees. The age limit, usually around 70 years, there is no binding rule, does not matter to them when borrowing. If the revenue is now well above the seizure thresholds, then the pensioners have the whole variety of the credit market open. The cheap loan could come from the house bank. After a credit comparison of the online providers, however, most opt ​​for the Internet loan.

Only a comprehensive credit comparison reveals which current loan offer is really cheap. On the Internet, which is increasingly used by the elderly, the credit comparison is very simple. In addition, the possibility of online credit check, without leaving the house, ensures planning security.

Pensioner loan under bad auspices

Pensioner loan under bad auspices

Unfortunately, many pensioners are not optimally cared for by their pension. If it is also presented by the policy again and again as a peripheral problem, so get many retirees not even the basic security. The embarrassment to apply for the basic security despite a long working life, many do not endure. No wonder, therefore, that the policy always refers to the numbers of the basic pension. The numbers are not polished, but correspond to the sense of honor of the older generation.

They prefer to have less money in their pockets, collect bottles, or work in the mini-job to become a petitioner. Hats off to these people! With their principled backbone, they should actually get cheap loans for retirees. However, they depend on the help of psycho-security or the younger generation.

Anyone whose parents or grandparents are in such a situation should act as guarantor for them. Thus, a favorable credit is possible for the elderly. The necessary new washing machine does not have to be a dream. People of this type will repay the loan on their own. They accept debts as little as they do omnipotent states.

Human to human loans for pensioners

Human to human loans for pensioners

Pensioners already have a long life behind them. They are experienced in repaying their loan obligations. Private lenders appreciate this experience as a guarantor of collateral.

Regardless of retirement age and age, cheap loans for retirees can come from one of the major personal loan platforms on the Internet.

Bank Loans for PLN 0 – Repay Large Debts

Banks, meeting the expectations of clients who do not have sufficient creditworthiness to repay larger debts, have released free cash loans to the market. Products inspired by popular breaks have a lot of advantages and far outweigh the offers of traditional loan companies. First of all, bank loans for PLN 0 in fact do not bear any hidden costs, such as commission or interest. In addition, you can pay them back longer than a delay, which greatly improves the comfort of borrowers. The installments are tailored to the client individually, allowing him a convenient and flexible repayment of debt. See for details

Free Loans of CreditCole and Sadun Bank

Free Loans of CreditCole and Sadun Bank

CreditCole as one of the first banks offered free cash loans to new customers. The offer, however, was limited in time – lasting until the end of March 2018. A similar offer was also introduced by Sadun Bank. In this bank, a cash loan with a real annual interest rate (APRC) equal to 0% in the amount of 500 PLN to 2000 PLN is awarded for 12 months. The loan does not have any additional costs. It does not require the purchase of insurance. The procedure for getting a loan is very simple. All you have to do is go to one of the bank branches or fill out the free form on the website. After sending the form, a representative of the bank contacts the client (up to 48 hours) to clarify the details. However, it is worth knowing that to use this product you can not currently pay off another liability at the bank.

A low-interest Raiffeisen Bank loan

A low-interest Raiffeisen Bank loan

Worth noting, although slightly different, is for new customers of Raiffeisen Bank. Instead of a free loan, it offers a low-interest loan of up to PLN 4,000 with repayment spread over a period of 6 to 24 months. The APRC of the loan is 2.88%. To illustrate – with a loan of PLN 2,000 with repayment spread over a year, the monthly installment will be only PLN 171.65. The loan application, as in the case of Sadun Bank, can be submitted online, by completing the appropriate form.

Loan Despite Personal Bankruptcy

For a few years, consumers have had the option of filing for personal bankruptcy in the event of over-indebtedness. In short, this means that after the expiry of the current six years, the debtor is completely freed from his remaining debts. In order to achieve this, however, he must meet some important requirements during this conduct phase. This includes not taking up a new loan despite personal bankruptcy. Apart from that, no bank will agree to that. An explanation over at

The good behavior phase

The good behavior phase

During the good conduct phase, the debtor must transfer to the debtors all income above the attachable amount. This usually happens through a trustee or lawyer. Tips give this to the debt counseling, which you should contact anyway anyway.

If there is nothing to complain about during these six years, the debtor can hope that the remaining debts will be issued to him by court order. However, anyone who tries to take out a loan despite personal bankruptcy can be sure that their application will be rejected. Just placing such a loan application is in conflict with the private bankruptcy.

Loans despite personal bankruptcy

Loans despite personal bankruptcy

The debtor will only be able to borrow money from friends or relatives in the event of personal bankruptcy and a financial bottleneck that can no doubt arise during this time. No bank, not even Switzerland, grants the applicant a loan. Private bankruptcy is designed to prevent debtors from paying debts for the rest of their lives. That’s true for companies anyway. But private people have looked into the tube.

With this law, which had been in force for a few years, the debtors were able to breathe again and were debt-free after six years. But that only works if the debtor behaves accordingly. A personal bankruptcy means that there have been difficulties in repaying loans in the past and that debt has occurred. To begin again with a new loan would be criminally negligent and means the result of personal bankruptcy.

In which Company the Cheapest Loan Can be Extended

The claim came easily, but its repayment in time, due to unexpected expenses, became impossible? You can decide to extend the loan. Where does this solution seem to be the lowest? Further illustration at

Why is it worth prolonging the loan before the deadline

Why is it worth prolonging the loan before the deadline

In this way, we give personally an additional time for a loan breakthrough, which in the first place protects us from prompts, requests for payment or handing over a debt case to the debt collection company. Although the extension of the loan is payable, this one-off expense increases our chances that we will be able to transfer money over an extended period of time. As a debtor, we do not have to count on another loan in a legally operating non-banking company, and to a greater extent a cash loan in the bank.

When to extend the repayment period

When to extend the repayment period

Renewing the loan will be useful if, for example, the boss informed us about the delay in payment or when the finances to pay off the debt had to be spent on the extra need. The desire to extend the time to repay the loan must be reported before the expiry of the refund period indicated at the contract. Usually, it is enough to make a transfer for an appropriate amount, and in its contents indicate the purpose of the payment and the period for which we pay. Most often, non-bank companies offer 7, 14 or 30 days to give the loan.

The cheapest extension in hypocredit and Viamobile

The cheapest extension in hypocredit and Viamobile

We have analyzed the costs of extending the loan among the leading companies operating in the Polish loan sector and it turned out that in no case will this solution reach the price in Viamobile. With a commitment of 500 zlotys taken for 30 yards, we will pay 48 zlotys instead of an additional 7 yards. Being a buyer of hypocredit, we will spend one zloty more on the topic. However, at this point, with a delay of two weeks or a laugh, the following internet loan market leader is the cheapest one – aptly 63 and 95 zlotys. For comparison, Viamobile imposes the necessity to pay in advance 68 as well as PLN 107. We will pay small amounts of the loan extension as Pandamoney clients. The unit gives us a six, 40 or 30 days for a refund, which costs 10, thirteen, and 16 percent, respectively. price of the liability.

Therefore, with a loan of five hundred zlotys instead of a weekly extension, we will pay 40 zlotys, two weeks – 56.5 zlotys, and when we choose a monthly period for the commitment, our decision will reach 80 zlotys. Pandamoney offers micro loans from 100 to 2000 PLN for 7-30 days. Just in case of problems with the timely issue of money, extending the loan is relatively cheap in Visset. When 30 days were paid, and up to the refund we have 500 zlotys, paying 65 zlotys, we will gain an additional seventh day. While the week below for our company for a bit, we can make a transfer for 105 zlotys and we proposed to extend the repayment period by fourteen days. So that we still have a month to pay, we want to give me fifteen zlotys. Similarly, in all cases, persons in whom they received PLN 1000 a loan, its extension will cost twice the rates given above.